If you are looking for a quality consumer discretionary based ETF, check out VCR

Consumer discretionary is a sector classified under the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS). It contains companies that offer goods and services considered non-essential by consumers but desirable if their available income is sufficient to purchase them. Why should you care about the consumer discretionary sector? It contains some of the…

The cryptocurrency of Ethereum

Ethereum is a decentralized open-source blockchain platform for smart contracts, which are self-executing computer programs with terms of the buyer and seller agreement directly embedded into lines of code. Ethereum features its own cryptocurrency, Ether, to power transactions on its platform. Even though Ether is second to Bitcoin in terms…

If you are looking for a quality high dividend yield ETF, look no further than VYM

A dividend is the distribution of some of a company’s earnings to its shareholders, as determined by its board of directors. Dividends are typically paid out quarterly by publicly traded companies. If you are looking to add companies that pay a higher dividend into your portfolio, it is important to…

Tunji Onigbanjo

Financial literacy is important.

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